In Focus
EWI COVID-19 Program
The EastWest Institute is working with its vast international network of professionals, as well as with senior leadership from the U.S. and other nations, to strategize the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we are working with emerging global and corporate leaders through the COVIDxNOW consortium to rapidly supply the health industry with the essential equipment needed to support critical care.
While governments are fully consumed with the hour-by-hour needs to keep people alive, EWI is focused on preparing a strategy for the next steps of getting the world back to work and preventing a new event from impacting us as severely in the future.

At the highest levels of government, EWI is suggesting solutions that will limit casualties and stem the spread of contagion.  

Of primary importance is to ensure that critically needed medical equipment and supplies are reaching healthcare professionals.   

We are reaching out to pharmaceutical companies and epidemiologists to aid them in their important work of developing a vaccine.   

We are consulting financial and economic experts to develop a strategy, which will bring our economy back to pre-pandemic levels.  

And we are developing a plan that will alleviate repeating the mistakes of the past century of pandemics.   

EWI identifies five separate yet integrated goals:  

  1. Stop the spread
  2. Protect our citizens
  3. Develop a cure
  4. Get America and the world back to work
  5. Ensure we are better prepared to deal with the next global health crisis. 

For more information, please contact Dr. William J. Parker III