Seizing the Moment
A One-Day Consultation on Breakthrough Measures to Build a New East-West Consensus on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Disarmament

The EastWest Institute, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security, the British American Security Information Council, the Global Security Institute and other partner organizations will assemble leading officials, specialists, business leaders and other public figures to debate ideas for breakthroughs in policy.

Goals of the Consultation

To devise practical steps for the global community to break existing deadlocks in negotiations over controls on Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. To identify possible linkage between breakthrough issues and obstacles in single issues of WMD control (such as CW verification) and others that may seem unrelated (such as establishment of an international nuclear fuel bank).
  2. To identify possible trade-offs between seemingly disparate areas of strategic policy and concessions on WMD breakthrough issues (such as the link between military uses of space and ratification of the Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty)
  3. To contribute to trust-building between the Euro-Atlantic community and Asian states on issues of WMD controls and related issues of strategic policy.

Confirmed Speakers


  • Mr. Ban Ki-moon (South Korea)
  • Dr. Henry Kissinger (USA)
  • Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (Russia)
  • General (ret.) Pan Zhenqiang (China)
  • General Ved Malik (India)
  • Dr. Hans Blix (Sweden)
  • Ambassador Marco Antonio Suazo (Honduras)
  • Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala (Sri Lanka)
  • Ambassador Hassan Mashhadi (Iran)
  • General (ret.) Ehsan Ul Haq (Pakistan)
  • Ambassador Sumio Tanui (Japan)
  • Dr. William Potter (USA)
  • Ambassador Max Kampelman (USA)
  • Mr. Teng Jianqun (China)
  • Dr. Kanwal Sibal (India)
  • Mr. Scott D. Sagan (USA)
  • Mr. Michael Krepon (USA)
  • Dr. Ron Huisken (Australia)
  • Mr. Paul Ingram (UK)
  • Dr. Waheguru Pal Sidhu (India)
  • Dr. Greg Austin (Australia)
  • Ambassador Sergio Duarte (Brazil)
  • Ambassador Knut Langeland (Norway)
  • Mr. Jean du Preez (South Africa)
  • Ambassador Robert Grey Jr. (USA)
  • Ambassador Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady (Indonesia)
  • Mr. Jonathan Granoff (USA)
  • Ambassador Henrik Salander (Sweden)
  • Ambassador Richard Butler (Australia)