On October 24, 2011 (United Nations Day), the EastWest Institute, the Global Security Institute, and the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies will convene a high-level consultation at the United Nations with the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon participating, to promote breakthroughs in accountability for reduction of nuclear weapons.


  1. Evaluate progress made since October 2008 towards long-term goals in nuclear disarmament, specifically towards implementing the Secretary-General’s five-point proposal for disarmament and identify and advocate new opportunities for progress.
  2. Identify next steps for holding states accountable for their commitments to reduce their reliance on nuclear weapons.
  3. Mobilize international will to reconcile current nuclear postures, deployments and missions with political commitments.



A report from the consultation will highlight the main outcomes and recommendations of the consultation. It will be finalized and printed by mid-December 2011. The Partners will pursue a rigorous dissemination, advocacy, and outreach strategy to promote the findings and outcomes from the consultation. The Partners will:

> Circulate the findings and related publications under personal letters to all ministers of defense and all foreign ministers across the globe.
> Distribute the report to their high-level networks of government officials, parliamentarians, diplomats, policymakers, retired military professionals, and academics.
> Promote the findings through a series of high-level one-on-one advocacy meetings and roundtable presentations in major capitals.
> Publicize the outcomes, successes, and concrete actions in the international media


The consultation, to be held on 24 October 2011, will begin with opening remarks by the UN Secretary-General, reflecting on progress made towards his proposal, and two other high profile world figures to be followed by two morning plenary sessions with recognized experts. In the afternoon, three breakthrough working groups will be convened to discuss the next steps towards advancing the necessary framework to achieve a nuclear weapons free world, technical and political steps needed for greater accountability and verification, and addressing the causes and effects of the nuclear umbrella and advancing negative security assurances.


Please contact EWI in New York (Raymond Karam) or Brussels (Greg Austin).