Bruce McConnell on Cyber Insurance at Global Resilience Summit

News | October 24, 2016

EWI Global Vice President Bruce McConnell, who also leads the institute's cyber initiative, took part in the 2016 Global Resilience Summit on October 19 in London.

McConnell was part of the cyber resilience panel, along with Raj Samani, EMEA Chief Technical Officer of Intel Security, and Alex Dewdney, Director Engagement of the National Cyber Security Centre at CESG. The panel was chaired by Edward Lucas, Senior Editor of The Economist.

McConnell focused part of his remarks on the topic of cyber insurance and how it could contribute to cyber resilience.

“The insurance industry plays an increasingly critical role in educating companies on how to secure their systems and best prepare for the inevitable cyber incident,” he said.

The aim of the Global Resilience Summit 2016 was to advance the understanding, leadership and benchmarking of resilience in major cities like London. It focused on the key issues of organizational, reputational and digital resilience that demand Board-level attention in managing long-term risks from shocks and stresses in communities and corporates.

More information about the event is available here and pictures can be accessed here.