Cai Mingzhao to Open EWI's 4th Cybersecurity Summit

News | November 04, 2013

"World Cyberspace Cooperation Summit IV," the EastWest Institute's flagship international cyber event, will kick off with keynote speaker Chinese Minister Cai Mingzhao, at Stanford University on November 5, 2013.

Following the successes of the previous annual summits in New Delhi, London and Dallas, this conference will bring together an international group of cyber experts, leaders and practitioners from both the private and public sectors, representing 40 countries. During the two-day event,participants will address critical security areas where international policy has failed to make progress and propose new solutions. A just released EWI report, Measuring the Cybersecurity Problem, exponentially for businesses and governments around the world. This will be a major topic of the summit.

Featured speakers include Michael Chertoff, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Chertoff Group and former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security; Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner and former U.S. Secretary of Energy; Joseph S. Nye Jr., Harvard University's Distinguished Service Professor and former dean of the Kennedy School; Kamlesh Bajaj, CEO, Data Security Council of India; Ellen Richey, Chief Enterprise Risk Officer, Visa; William J. Perry, Michael and Barbara Berberian Professor at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University; George P. Shultz, Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; and John L. Hennessy, President, Stanford University.

In partnership with the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research at Stanford University and the IEEE Communications Society, EWI is sponsoring "breakthrough" groups that build on the work of previous summits. Topics include: Optimizing Policy for Secure Cloud Enablement; International Critical Infrastructure Protection; Emergency Preparedness for the Financial Services Sector for International Crises in Cyberspace; and Acts of Aggression in Cyberspace. The conference will also feature a special presentation on the findings of a joint China-U.S. paper on harmful hacking as well as an in-depth look on international cooperation in fighting cyber crime.

For the full summit agenda and other information, click here.