Chertoff: Cybersecurity Will Continue to Threaten Businesses and Their Customers

Commentary | June 11, 2014

Giving the keynote speech at the National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference and Expo, Michael Chertoff warned of the persisting dangers of cyber threats to business.

On June 11, 2014, EWI Board Member Michael Chertoff cautioned retailers to beware and be prepared. While it is impossible to stop all cyber attacks, you can minimize the damage caused. Chertoff discussed the increasing vulnerability we face moving toward a rise in reliance on technology coupled with the fact that businesses are collecting more personal customer information than ever, including credit card numbers, locations and preferences.

To increase cybersecurity, Chertoff proposed, start at the top—you need to identify your business goals and possible damage caused by cyber threats. Additionally, it is crucial to have a response plan should your business become compromised. While threats cannot be eliminated, they can be managed if addressed properly.

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