Critical Terminology Foundations 2

Policy Report | March 21, 2014

EastWest Institute's new report presents a vital set of cyber terms, the result of a collaborative relationship between the institute and Moscow State University’s Information Security Institute. In this second-of-its-kind report, 20 new critical terms have been added to the international cyber “dictionary.” 

By doing so, this global team of science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals continues to set the fundamental tenets of a common language within the cybersecurity domain. This bilateral collaboration began several years ago and produced Critical Terminology Foundations, the first report, which contained 40 terms and was released in 2011. 

Valery Yaschenko, senior vice-director of Lomonosov Moscow University’s Security Institute, explained, “Our goal is to avoid technical and scientific arguments and offer clear and useful ‘political’ definitions.” Plans are underway for this work to extend to Chinese, French, Hebrew and other languages. 

EWI Senior Vice President Bruce McConnell emphasized the importance of further cooperation with the Russian team and suggested they jointly explore other critical areas, such as critical infrastructure protection and the cyber arms race.

Click here to download full report: Critical Terminology Foundations 2