David J. Firestein Discusses April 26 Primaries with NTDTV

Media Coverage | May 02, 2016

On April 27, 2016, EWI Perot Fellow and Senior Vice President David Firestein spoke to NTDTV regarding the outcomes of the U.S. presidential primaries that were held in five Northeastern states on April 26. Commenting in Mandarin, Firestein was confident that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination in June, noting that at this point in the race, Bernie Sanders, Clinton's opponent for the party nomination, is not running so much to win as to promote his policy platform. Firestein also held that Donald Trump will likely win the Republican nomination and that the probability of a contested convention leading to a Trump defeat is dwindling. Furthermore, Firestein addressed Trump's comments on China, arguing that despite his unconventional rhetoric, Trump's policies on China, were he to be elected president, will not likely stray far from those of the current administration.