Dr. Parker Presents Pandemic Recovery Strategy on David Webb Show

Media Coverage | March 30, 2020

EWI President and CEO Dr. William J. Parker appeared on The David Webb Show on March 27 to discuss the global coronavirus pandemic and the actions necessary to ensure a successful recovery and more secure future.

“Containment is absolutely key, as is the response,” Dr. Parker said, and the best way to prevent infection is to avoid exposure. He advised that the public should continue to stay safe at home by following social distancing and other directives. Unfortunately, countries were initially too slow to test, report and contain. And because a vaccine is still some time away from being available, it is important to get testing and personal protective equipment so people can get back to work wherever possible.

Looking at needs around the country, Dr. Parker said the shutdown situation could be utilized by New York and other cities to address road repairs and infrastructure upgrades now while there is limited traffic, preparing for a return to full employment. To do so safely, teams of workers could be tested for the coronavirus, and if negative, could be put to work in protective gear. This timing would also have cost advantages, because roads and multiple lanes could be more easily closed and repaired all at once. Just as the U.S. military has worked in chem and bio-hazard environments around the world, such equipment and know-how has already been developed for use by civilians. “Are they comfortable? No. Can you work in them? Absolutely,” Dr. Parker observed.

To address coronavirus containment, the EastWest Institute has pulled together with COVIDxNOW to help move specific medical supplies to New York and other government entities who need it most. To provide information to the public, the EastWest Institute web site provides a daily summary and big picture overview of the pandemic situation pulled from the CDC, WHO and other international organizations.

The EastWest Institute is looking at the coronavirus pandemic and building a strategy based on five perspectives: 1) stop the spread; 2) protect our citizens; 3) develop a cure; 4) get America and the world back to work; and 5) ensure we are better prepared to deal with the next global health crisis.

Dr. Parker said “If you do those five things, we will win this fight against the virus. At the end of the day, the best thing we can do is respond to this now, and be prepared for the next event, and simultaneously prepare for that Black Swan event, like a major biological or cyber attack, or attack on our electrical grid or water supply. Those are all things we need to protect against.”

Considering the possibility of current threats and possible attacks, Dr. Parker said the right experts continue to maintain an aggressive defensive posture to protect against such major threats. From the Pentagon to Wall Street, they have trip wires in place Parker said. He concluded: “As we resolve this issue and the economy comes booming back like gangbusters, I think the world will turn around and say ‘where did this virus come from? How do we hold those responsible who knew and did not report to the world there was an ensuing pandemic?’ This is not to be vindictive, but to ensure that this never happens again. The way you do that is to hold people responsible now, so next time, they will be much quicker to report that they have a disease that could impact the rest of the world.”