Media Coverage | February 12, 2018

Dr. Parker Talks Latest Developments in South China Sea

On February 5, Dr. William J. Parker III spoke with Al Jazeera about reports of China's new construction projects in the disputed waters of South China Sea.

"What is China's intent here? Is China attempting to revert back to the ancient Chinese pre-eminence of the Middle Kingdom? What impact does China intend to have on regional nations? Does the Nine-Dash line align with legal limits of the EEZ?" asked the former Chief of Staff for U.S. Naval Surface Forces.

"Will the Chinese adhere to the July 2016 (ruling of the) Permanent Court on Arbitration in the Hague?" he added.

Watch here for the full interview.


Photo: "170409-N-GD109-018" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by U.S. Pacific Fleet