Dr. William Parker Discusses Nomination for Secretary of the Navy

Media Coverage | June 09, 2017

On June 6, EWI's COO Dr. William J. Parker III appeared on the David Webb show to discuss current issues impacting the role of the U.S. Navy on the global stage, namely, President Trump's nomination of Richard V. Spencer as the next Secretary of the Navy. 

Parker expressed his strong support for Trump's pick for the Secretary of the Navy remarking that Spencer, based on his extensive experience, intellectual acumen and consistent focus on transparency and accountability is a superb candidate for the job. 

Asked about the current status of the U.S. Navy and its ability to carry out its objectives across the world, Parker commented that, "The United States Navy remains the most capable maritime force in the world…but in addition to lethality, numbers do matter. The fact that we have had about 100 ships deployed on any one day over the past few decades, yet our number of ships has dropped by half places a strain on the warfighting support of organizing, training and equipping the force. The technology and lethality continue to improve on those ships. We simply need to align our resources with the real world requirements.”

Parker also made it clear that although there were growing foreign security challenges to the U.S. Navy, there are no challenges that we cannot resolve as a nation.  

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