Ethiopia's The Reporter Features Ashenafi and Mroz

Media Coverage | March 12, 2014

Tewodros Ashenafi, EWI board member and chairman and CEO of SouthWest Energy, and EWI President and CEO John Mroz sat down in Addis Ababa with Kaleyesus Bekele of The Reporter to discuss the institute's plans to increase engagement on food, water and energy issues in Ethiopia.



Mroz and Ashenafi met with Ethiopian government officials and the Ethiopian Investment Agency to get a better sense of how EWI could help foster Ethiopian development in the food, water and energy nexus. 

"The idea is to develop a partnership, to sign a memorandum of understanding and work with the government, NGOs and the private sector in addressing the provision of food, water and energy," says Mroz. "We [EWI] bring people who do not usually work together around a table. You would be surprised at how people working on water do not work with the energy people and so forth. It is quite stunning." 

Representatives from EWI's Food-Water-Energy Nexus Program will return to Ethiopia in April for the Tana Forum and again in May to spend more time following up on the issue. The Food-Water-Energy Nexus Program, led by Michele Ferenz, contributes to global and regional security by mitigating transnational conflict risks associated with the allocation and management of scarce natural resources.

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Photo credit: The Reporter