EWI Hosts All-Women Panel on International Diplomacy

News | March 28, 2019

On March 20, the EastWest Institute hosted 60 AP Comparative Government students from the Michael J. Petrides School in Staten Island, New York for a panel discussion on the role and impact of Track 2 diplomacy in preventing conflict around the world. The event opened with remarks by EWI CEO and President Ambassador Cameron Munter, who discussed and fielded questions about “New Diplomacy” and his experiences as a career diplomat posted in conflict-ridden countries. EWI Human Resources Director Oliver Senft organized and moderated the sessions and provided an overview of opportunities to engage and work with the Institute.

The all-women panel consisted of Farwa Aamer, research associate of the Asia-Pacific program; Zoe Leung, senior program associate of the Asia-Pacific program; Sieneih Lewis, development associate; and Teresa Val, program associate of the Russia and the United States program. 

Panelists elaborated on EWI’s programmatic efforts in conflict prevention and shared their personal experiences carving out careers in foreign policy. In addition, they discussed the importance of bringing a broad variety of perspectives to increasingly intertwined world affairs. The event concluded with an audience Q&A session on a wide variety of subjects pertinent to making diplomacy more relevant and attuned to the challenges and opportunities facing the global community. 

With this event, EWI affirms its commitment to creating a more inclusive and timely debate on diplomacy and preventing conflicts through active engagement with all stakeholders.