EWI Participates in CyberCrimeCon/18

News | October 22, 2018

EWI’s Moscow office participated in the international CyberCrimeCon/18 conference organized by Group-IB on October 9-10. The conference brought together more than 1,500 tech sector leaders, experts and law enforcement officials from Russia and around the world.

At CyberCrimeCon/18, international experts presented technological advancements in cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation, response and prevention tools. This year’s priority topics included cross-border exchange of strategic threat intelligence, cyberterrorism and attacks on critical infrastructure, offering comprehensive overviews of novel hacking tools, as well as hardware and architectural vulnerabilities. 

"CyberCrimeCon/18 demonstrated that Moscow is increasingly seen as a forum for thoughtful discussion by experts representing the international cybercrime threat intelligence community,” said Vladimir Ivanov, Director of EWI’s Moscow Office. “By designing this event to inform and educate business about protection against cyber threats within today’s digital economy, Group-IB contributes significantly to mobilizing businesses towards a joint effort in developing the rules of the road in cyberspace."

"Cybersecurity should be a paradigm priority for citizens, businesses and states,” commented Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB. “Countering cyber threats is typical of the competition between armor and projectiles. That is why the defense paradigm itself has today changed: we need to now be projecting a few steps ahead of cybercriminals to effectively prevent cybercrime." 

Group-IB is a global leader in cybersecurity intelligence and cyber crime investigation and prevention. EWI has now participated in the CyberCrimeCon three consecutive years, supporting the event through thought leadership and networking capacities.