Greg Austin Discusses Hacking Around the World

Media Coverage | January 20, 2017

EWI Professorial Fellow Greg Austin joins 7.30, a news program on Australia's ABC, to discuss how hacking is becoming a growing problem for governments around the world.

"The genie is definitely out of the bottle. There are measures that could be taken to delete some of this information, once we discover where it is on either criminally-based servers or on foreign state-based servers but that is not going to work because there's usually backups of this sort of information. So once it's out, once the hack occurs, the genie is out of the bottle, but in more general terms there is a new phenomenon afoot—massive leaks, terabyte leaks, for undermining the political legitimacy in democratically elected countries and also in authoritarian countries," says Austin.

Watch the full interview on ABC here.