McConnell Comments on UK Decision to Ban Huawei

Media Coverage | July 16, 2020

EWI Interim President Bruce McConnell shared his insights on the United Kingdom’s decision to ban purchases from Huawei in a recent article for Inside Cybersecurity.

"The UK decision, responding to market-closing actions by the U.S., ironically demonstrates the benefits of open markets," said McConnell.

“Buyers concerned about security need markets to work so that vendors, no matter where they are located, can supply the best technology for the best price. The UK is concerned about Huawei's technology because of U.S. sanctions. But today's network traffic travels across global, multi-vendor equipment and networks. With few exceptions, restricting technology by country of origin is a poor substitute for ensuring resilience through good security practices. So the UK will pay more for its 5G network, without the assurance of better security."

Click here to read the full article on Inside Cybersecurity (paywall).