McConnell Discusses the Current State of Cyberspace

Media Coverage | June 27, 2017

EWI Global Vice President Bruce McConnell sat down with Israeli news network i24NEWS this week to discuss the state of cyberspace in an ever-digital world. Asked about whether cyberspace constitutes the next frontier for warfare, McConnell responded that he felt as if cyberspace has very much become the new frontier for just about anything—international competition included. More than just underscoring that this was the current reality, he further stressed that a set of comprehensive rules for cyber space need to be created in order to prevent flagrant cyber warfare abuses down the road. Much like international laws dictating biological warfare, cyber space should be given an international platform through which it could be regulated. 

Without such a platform in-place at the moment, countries should—in the meanwhile—continue to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities. That being said, McConnell remains optimistic that ten years down the line, as cyberspace becomes more efficiently controlled, it will also begin to look much better.

Watch the full interview here.