Media coverage of Andrew Nagorski's 'Hitlerland'

News | March 23, 2012

EWI Vice President and Director of Public Policy Andrew Nagorski ‘s new book “Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power” was released last week to great acclaim. Here is a selection of reviews and media attention given to the publication. For a complete list, visit Nagorski’s website.



The Weekly Standard

“Compulsively readable and deeply researched, Hitlerland delves into the history of the Third Reich without losing a personal touch. Nagorski as aware of the horror many Americans felt as the march toward evil hit full stride, adding details sure to rouse similar feelings in readers.” Click here for the full review.



"What Andrew Nagorski (formerly a Newsweek correspondent) has done in this highly readable history built around the experience of Americans in Germany from the end of the First World War to the beginning of the Second, is to make Hitler at once as human and as monstrous as he was to the reporters, diplomats, businessmen, sycophants, and soldiers from the United States who met him." Click here for the full review.


The Daily Beast

"...this is a book that is full of things I never knew, and I found all of them interesting. It should be on everybody’s “must read” list who is interested in history." Click here for the full review.


Chicago Tribune

"Riveting stuff...I read this book in one terrible important, chilling book" Click here for the full review.


The Economist

"Any reader trying to puzzle out today’s world will be unsettled by the reminder of how easy it is to get things wrong." Click here for the full review.


The Washington Post

“Hitlerland is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Reading about the Nazis is not supposed to be fun, but Nagorski manages to make it so.” Click here for the full review.


Library Journal

“A compelling work for World War II history buffs or anyone who wants to understand how such devastating evil emerged while the world seemingly watched.” Click here for the full review.


Jewish Book Council

“Nagorski opens up a window into an era that we thought we already knew and allows these Americans to tell their stories without passing judgment on their perceptiveness or the rectitude of their moral compasses clouded by the benefits of historical hindsight.” Click here for the full review.



Nagorski spoke with Leonard Lopate about "Hitlerland" on WNYC radio. Click here to listen to the full interview.

Glenn Beck's Book List featured "Hitlerland" as personal recommendation from Glenn Beck. Click here for their write-up.

Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, interviews Nagorski in a video at Click here to watch the interview.

Lewis Lapham, former editor of Harper’s magazine and founder of Lapham’s Quarterly, speaks with Nagorski in an audio podcast for Click here for the full story and podcast.

Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, a senior editor at The Atlantic, interviews Nagorski on how Americans perceived the early days of the Third Reich. Click here for the interview.

A slideshow from The Huffington Post detailing the experiences of eight Americans featured in the book, including an introduction by Nagorski. Click here to access the slideshow.

Bernard Vaughn of Reuters discusses 'Hitlerland' with Nagorski. Click here for the interview transcript.

Click here for EWI's interview with Andrew Nagorski on 'Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power.'