New Initiatives in Conflict Prevention and Human Security

Policy Report | June 16, 2008

EWI’s International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy published two proposals to establish an International Panel on Conflict Prevention and Human Security and a Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention and Human Security.

Both proposals, first called for by the Task Force’s High Level Advisory Board in December 2007, are a result of months of deliberation and international soundings undertaken in cooperation with multiple stakeholders including Task Force members, United Nations personnel, national government representatives, Members of Parliaments, and international civil society organizations.

The proposals for both initiatives answer why it is no longer enough to rely on official decision support machinery to provide timely and well-constructed options for preventive action and explain why national governments, in cooperation with the wider international community, need to be supported by influencers who understand threats and challenges and who are also prepared to collaborate with all stakeholders to provide comprehensive frameworks towards managing violent conflict.