A Stalemate Favors India, Exposes Chinese Limits

Media Coverage | June 03, 2020

India cannot withdraw from the Galwan valley, and if China refuses to bulge from its new positions close to the LAC as a new pressure point, a prolonged standoff lasting through the summer is likely.

China as the first mover in developing military infrastructure on the border with India has long enjoyed an advantage. This is being progressively balanced with development of border infrastructure by India, which means easier and more border patrolling by Indian forces, and thus increased room for frictions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Improving the infrastructure on its own side is not changing the status quo by India as China self-servingly claims.

The 2005 Agreement on the Parameters and Guiding Principles for the settlement of the India-China border speaks of “the principle of mutual and equal security”. Equal security means that India has every right to reduce the long-standing unequal security situation on its Himalayan border. 

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