This Week in News

News | April 05, 2013

This Week in News is the EastWest Institute's weekly roundup of international affairs articles relevant to its areas of work.

"Here's North Korea's official declaration of 'War.'" The Washington Post. March 30.

"Kim Calls Atomic Weapons Top Priority as Korea Tensions Rise," Bloomberg. Apr 1.

"Understand Xi Jinping’s Renaissance, Put it in Historical Context," CSIS. Apr 1.

"UN treaty is first aimed at regulating global arms sales." The New York Times. April 2. 

Report urges cuts in nukes, greater US-Russia cooperation to end ‘Cold War autopilot’ strategy," The Washington Post, April 3. 

North Korea Seen Unable to Deliver Nuclear Attack on U.S.,” Bloomberg. April 4.


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Compiled by Michael McShane, Athina Doutis, Alex Schulman and Haolin Liu.