Year in Review: EWI Videos of 2016

News | January 18, 2017

The EastWest Institute is recognized for delivering unique insights and analyses on a wide range of global issues through various platforms, including video. In 2016, EWI introduced a new segment "99 Seconds" that features CEO & President Cameron Munter, providing commentary on world topics. “SMART Talk”, EWI’s re-branded public discussion events, has featured high-profile individuals such as Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić.

Over 156,000 minutes of EWI-produced videos were viewed last year alone—almost seven times more than in 2015. On its YouTube account, EWI had 36,000 more minutes of views in 2016 than in all of the years combined since launching the account. The average viewing duration also rose, from four to almost 10 minutes.

Below are a sample of EWI’s most-watched videos from last year: 

99 Seconds Update: November (Cameron Munter)
The Battle for Mosul
The Power of EWI’s Network (General (ret.) David H. Petraeus)
SMART Talk: Vuk Jeremić

Cameron Munter Reflects on 2016 and the Challenges of 2017
The Brexit Decision

EWI experts also appeared on a number of TV news outlets, most notably David J. Firestein, the Senior Vice President for the Strategic Trust-Building Initiative and Track 2 Diplomacy. Firestein, who oversees the institute’s Asia Pacific Program, examined the many aspects of U.S-China relations pre- and post the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

These media appearances helped audiences understand EWI’s goal of building trust and delivering solutions, and foster a greater understanding of U.S.-China relations. Firestein’s Chinese-language media outreach last year, for instance, attracted over a million combined views and also has garnered the attention of the senior leadership of China. 

Below are some of Firestein’s media appearances, in English and Mandarin, that garnered significant attention.

Election Night 2016 Show on Voice of America (VOA) —320,000 views 
Election 2016 and Chinese-American views of Donald Trump (VOA) —221,000 views
Analyzing the 2016 Election Outcome (VOA) —71,000 views
Donald Trump’s Impact on U.S.-China and “One China Policy” (VOA) —53,000 views
Comparing Nationalism and Populism in the United States and China (VOA) —36,000 views

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