20-20 members have invested billions of dollars in emerging and frontier markets

20-20 Investment Association is a unique non-profit comprised of the world's most prestigious and economically powerful investors focused on exploring investment opportunities in emerging and frontier markets.20-20 members represent over US$7 trillion in investment capital and have traveled the globe over the last 25 years meeting with leaders in 27 emerging and frontier markets.

Members include global pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices and money management organizations with headquarters in 11 countries. Over the past twenty five years, 20-20 members have invested billions of dollars in emerging and frontier markets.

Membership is by invitation only and provides opportunities to participate in two yearly events: an annual meeting and an annual exploratory trip to an emerging market country or region.

Members have the opportunity to collaborate with senior level decision-makers representing other organizations in a membership that is increasingly diversified internationally.

Networking includes: the exchange of ideas and information between owners and investors of capital; insight into best practices in the global investment industry; and meeting and building relationships with government, investment, and business leaders around the world.

The dialogue created during 20-20 Investment Association events helps shape the framework used by individual members to make their investment decisions.

20-20 Investment Association is a non-profit organization, associated with the EastWest Institiute since 2012. It is not oriented toward a bottom line but rather toward educating its members about the world's emerging and frontier markets and fulfilling a commitment to corporate social responsibility in the countries we visit. As more investments are directed into emerging and frontier markets, the resulting improved standards of living will hopefully play a role in helping reduce poverty and ultimately global conflict.

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