For almost 40 years, the EastWest Institute has brought together heads of state to broker peace around the world. The institute continues playing to its strengths of forging new connections, driving meaningful dialogue and building trust between global leaders and influencers representing government, military, business and civil society. We pride ourselves on convening the appropriate decision-makers and brightest minds, on deconstructing issues to their base level and on helping to formulate solutions that will prove feasible and sustainable. And we do so with discretion.
— Ross Perot, Jr.
Ross Perot, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Ross Perot, Jr. serves as Chairman of The Perot Group, which manages the various Perot family interests that include real estate, oil and gas and financial investments. In addition, Mr. Perot is Chairman of Hillwood, which he founded in 1988. Hillwood is ranked among the top ten real estate developers in the United States and is recognized for its high-profile projects and public-private ventures.

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Our increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving world is seeing a wide range of conflicts, refugees and suffering. At the EastWest Institute, we take a focused, proactive approach to modern conflict prevention and resolution, balancing the weight of history's lessons with innovative solutions that are applicable in present day contexts. This approach, coupled with our global network and on-the-ground experts, ensures we make a discernible impact to prevent, and when necessary resolve, conflict around the globe.
— William J. Parker
Dr. William J. Parker III
President and CEO
Dr. Parker is a national security expert and retired senior U.S. naval officer. During nearly three decades in uniform, he commanded three warships, and later, a squadron of warships, and served as the Chief of Staff for U.S. Naval Surface Forces. Parker is an award-winning author, accomplished speaker and frequent guest commentator in global media on issues of national security, the environment and the global economy.

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Our Board of Directors
EWI is a diverse and global network of impact. Our people, from our board of directors and vice presidents to our program staff and fellows, are our greatest assets. The EastWest Institute is governed by its Board of Directors. The distinguished members of the Board actively oversee the programmatic activities of the Institute, including long-term goals and priorities, and monitoring financial and personnel policies.

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