Our Leadership

Ross Perot, Jr.
Chairman of the Board

For more than three decades, the EastWest Institute has been an independent trusted player providing thought leadership and mobilizing resources to address some of the most critical issues facing the world. The EastWest Institute continues playing to its strengths of forging new networks and driving dialogue and trust between global leaders and influencers from government, business and civil society.

The Institute is truly global and its experts forward thinking—addressing today’s daunting challenges—whether promoting cooperation in cyberspace, exploring new approaches in the Middle East, securing a stable Afghanistan and navigating the evolving relationships between major powers such as the United States, China and Russia. 

As we mark EWI’s next chapter, our board members, staff, fellows and supporters will continue to demonstrate our value—trust-building and activism—as we work collectively to meet both present-day and future challenges. Please join us in these efforts.

Cameron Munter
President and CEO

These are the times not of confusion, but of opportunity. Precisely when global issues and challenges are great, the EastWest Institute goes into action to do what no one else does: anticipate problems and advocate solutions. 

The dynamism of EWI is that it perceives the outlines of potential conflict; it defines that potential conflict—and in doing so, it sees the outlines of how the sides of a conflict emerge, and brings together those who can do something about it. We call it building trust, delivering solutions. 

The way we do it is by figuring out who the right people are based on carefully cultivated ties, and together crafting creative and practical solutions quickly and resolutely—ameliorating or preventing conflicts.