Hu Yuandong
Dr. Hu Yuandong
Board Member

Dr. Hu Yuandong is Chief Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment and Technology Promotion Office for China in Beijing (UNIDO ITPO-China). He is responsible for promoting international cooperation and communication between China and other UNIDO members in the field of international investment and financing, advanced technology transfer, trade facilitation and other areas related to sustainable economic development.

Hu’s professional experience spans more than 20 years in the United Nations system, primarily working with UNDP China Programs and UNIDO ITPO-China as its director, heading the UNIDO field operational office with diplomatic status. His office is responsible for industrialization efforts through the promotion of foreign investment and the transfer of technology for three level clients—government, institutions and enterprises. Under Hu’s leadership, UNIDO ITPO-China has played a critical role as a facilitator, trainer and supporter of China’s investment and technology promotion programs since its inception, in 1996.

In addition, Hu worked nearly 10 years in the public sector, primarily with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the Chinese Government agency responsible for international trade and investment/technology transfer policy matters. His wide-ranging experiences contributed to his extensive understanding of relevant policy and regulatory issues and ideas for the resolution of problems and new challenges associated with the WTO.

Hu’s career began in the early 70s, when he served four years in the Air Force. Beginning in early 1983, he worked as a professional diplomat, serving at Chinese Embassies in Africa for over six years. From 1989 to 1993, he led key project implementation for UNDP in China and supervised a number of programs and projects, including human resource development projects, UN volunteering programs and professional exchange programs.

Hu has a Ph.D. in Public Administration and a M.A. in Public Administration, both from Colorado State University (EMPA).