Travis Andreu
Former Office Assistant

Travis is an experienced professional in the NGO field, with a diverse background ranging from healthcare to the UN. A graduate of SUNY Binghamton, he works with organizations that focus in delivering progressive outcomes in situations defined by complex missions. His passion for the field began with his family, was further nurtured with his involvement with civic organizations, and continued up until college, where he gained experience working with Chinese sports organizations, introducing him to international business and relations. He followed this pursuit further in his professional years by interning with Peace Boat, a Japan based NGO operating a sister branch at the United Nations in New York, which worked towards raising awareness for nuclear non-proliferation, natural human rights, and sustainability. Working as an Events Intern at the EastWest Institute, he found an organization which dealt primarily with dealing in constructive solutions for difficult situations, something that closely aligned with his career goals, and has been working here ever since.

He previously published an article through the EastWest Institute's Nextgen blog titled, "The South China Sea and the Eastern Question: The United States Slide out of Asia," which you can read here.