Jack Howell
John M. (Jack) Howell
Board of Councilors

Jack retired in 2014 as the Executive Director, IEEE Communication Society, a position he held since January 1997. Broadly speaking, as Executive Director, his accountability was to protect and regenerate the Society’s principal assets. He was also instrumental in making the intellectual resource of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE, available to EWI. He remains active in maintaining the intellectual integrity of the Society’s publications. From 1981-1996, Jack held various positions in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, also headquartered in New York City and from 1979 –1981 he was the Special assistant to the NASA Deputy Administrator in Washington, D.C. during the launch of the first Space Shuttle.

Jack was selected to the first class of the United States Air Force Academy and on graduating, served twenty years in the USAF including a tour in Viet Nam and three years on the faculty of the Air Force Academy. His formal education includes an M.S., Astrophysics, University of Arizona, a B.A., American Law and Procedures, LaSalle Extension University, and a B.S., Aerospace Engineering, United States Air Force Academy.


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