Our Mission

Since its founding, EWI has strived to bridge the strategic divide between Russia and the United States.

Recognized as a trusted convener, EWI engages policymakers, business leaders and experts to achieve breakthroughs and deliver policy impact in critical areas affecting the bilateral relationship. In the context of Russia’s G8 Presidency in 2006, for instance, EWI launched a series of international public-private consultations on countering terrorism.

In 2009, EWI brought together top Russian and American scientists for the first-ever Joint Threat Assessment, which focused on Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile potential. The success of this project led to the creation of similar EWI joint working groups addressing other critical issues of mutual concern, such as cyber security and Afghan narcotrafficking.

EWI’s network of influence continues to serve as an invaluable resource in bringing together Russians and Americans to sustain dialogue, foster mutual understanding and rebuild trust.