Turkey, Peace and Regional Stability

Formulating and advocating solutions to pressing security, diplomatic and economic concerns in the region

As part of the broad nexus of international think tanks and organizations active in the country today, the EastWest Institute views Turkey as a key area of focus along with EWI’s ongoing work in the United States, Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East.

The Peace and Regional Stability Program, based in Istanbul, provides leadership and counsel on priority issues concerning regional relations, bilateral and multilateral dialogue, economic and regional security and other areas that impact Turkey and the wider region. The program central focus is in formulating and advocating potential solutions to pressing security, diplomatic and economic concerns in the region, thus enhancing overall stability.

The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Trilateral relations between Turkey, Russia and the United States
  • Countering violent extremism in the region
  • Regional refugee crisis: impact of Syrians and other war displaced persons

The program’s activities will revolve around convening discussions between policy and decision makers, representatives of institutions and nations that do not normally cooperate, building trust between parties; helping to reframe issues to examine shortcomings and existing challenges, and formulate practical solutions that benefit the key actors involved; and mobilizing networks of key individuals from both the public and private sectors to input and offer unique expertise into the process.