This session on climate security, held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 16 February 2010, is part of EWI’s Worldwide Security Conference. It will not be a typical conference with formal presentations but rather an open roundtable involving free exchange of ideas by approximately 60 leading policy-makers, specialists, business executives, community leaders and journalists from around the world.

EWI’s climate security initiative is focused on preventive responses to potential destabilization caused by climate threats. Questions of political will, social psychology and long term policy planning will be central to this analysis. The initiative will, as opportunity permits, also engage on broader, related issues such as global regimes for energy security and carbon emissions, and a more rapid transition to lower carbon economies. This year’s main focus will be made on EU-U.S.-China cooperation in Africa.   

This consultation is an invitation-only event for high-level participants. If you would like to participate, please contact us for more information.