EastWest Institute (EWI) is a global network of influential stakeholders committed to and engaged in building trust and preventing conflict around the world.
EWI has a 40-year track record of convening dialogue and back channel diplomacy to develop sustainable solutions for today’s major political, economic and security issues.
Few other institutions can approach the EWI track record of practical accomplishment in helping to change the world for the better.
— George H.W. Bush
What We Do
Engage in conflict prevention and resolution, providing thought leadership and strategic counsel to governments, the private sector and other stakeholders worldwide.
Bring conflicting parties to the negotiating table, often for the first time, to find common ground.
Anticipate global challenges and develop solutions relevant to policymakers and corporate leaders.
EWI is one of the most effective institutions working in the foreign affairs field.
— Madeleine Albright
I marvel at how EWI is able to make a difference, consistently.
— Martti Ahtisaari
The EastWest Institute has played an unusually helpful role in our countries by supporting young leaders in everything they do.
— Vaclav Havel
EWI Legacy

Forged trust and understanding between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, hosting the first ever military-to-military dialogue between NATO and Warsaw Pact countries.

In the 1990s, the institute founded the Taskforce on the Future of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, focused on engaging opposition voices with the Milosevic regime, helping set the tone for a peaceful transition toward a new democratic government.

Contributing to the reduction of cyber tensions between China and the United States, including developing ground rules for protecting digital infrastructure, as well as supporting a 2013 agreement between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama to begin cooperation on cybersecurity.

In 2016, co-launched the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) as a forum to promote norms of behavior and policy initiatives to improve the stability and security of cyberspace.

Convenes annually the only three-party dialogue between the U.S. Democratic and Republican Parties and the Communist Party of China and between senior retired U.S. and Chinese military officers to ensure productive dialogue and common ground between the two nations.

EWI Programs

Deepen dialogue between U.S. and Chinese military and party leaders to take stock of the future of U.S.-China relations.
Lead joint U.S.-Russia expert working groups on cybersecurity and narcotrafficking during this critical period in U.S.-Russia relations.
Mobilize governments and companies to develop and implement norms of behavior in cyberspace and address cyber crime, encryption and security risks from connected devices.
Provide platform for dialogue between regional rivals to identify common ground in tackling climate change, decrease the role of media in inciting sectarianism, prevent incidents at sea in the Gulf region and initiate dialogue on post-ISIS recovery of Iraq.
Advance knowledge and understanding of the region’s underlying issues and challenges in order to generate sustained support towards greater interregional cooperation and integration.
Engage key stakeholders and experts to assess and deliver recommendations to ensure the long-term stability of the region.

EWI Network

EWI is a truly global entity. Our offices connect a diverse network of experts and influencers around the globe, providing a diverse knowledge base to support our ongoing programmatic work.

Building Trust, Delivering Solutions