Building Trust, Delivering Solutions

EastWest Institute (EWI) is a global network of influential stakeholders committed to and engaged in building trust and preventing conflict around the world. EWI has a 36-year track record of convening power, trust building and back channel diplomacy to develop sustainable solutions for today’s major political, economic and security issues around the world. Recognized as an “honest broker,” EWI’s success is predicated on providing a platform where political, military and business leaders find common ground and solutions to international conflicts. Headquartered in New York City, EWI has offices in Brussels, Moscow, Washington, D.C., Dallas, San Francisco and Istanbul.

What We Do

We are a global network of experts providing thought leadership, strategic counsel and unique perspectives to governments, the private sector and other stakeholders worldwide.
We anticipate global and regional challenges relevant to policy makers and corporate leaders.
We mobilize key resources to address problems and deliver innovative solutions.
We bring conflicting parties to the negotiating table, often for the first time, enabling dialogue and trust building.
We activate our network of over 1,000 public and private sector decision makers globally, building long-term relationships that we rely on during times of crisis.

EWI Impact

Forged trust and understanding between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, hosting first ever military-to-military dialogue between NATO and Warsaw Pact countries.
For his role in the reunification of Germany, the German government bestowed an Order of Merit on EWI’s late founder, CEO and President John Edwin Mroz (1948-2014).
From the Balkans to Russia, EWI was instrumental in fostering economic stability and entrepreneurship and establishing cross border cooperation during 1990s and 2000s.
Instrumental in laying the groundwork between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama on reducing the level of cyber attacks between the two countries in 2015.


As one of the last remaining western NGOs active in Russia, EWI organizes joint U.S.-Russia working groups on cybersecurity and narcotrafficking.
EWI brings top American and Chinese leaders together, including the first ever China High-Level Political Party Leaders Dialogue (P2P) with Communist Party officials and the U.S. Democratic and Republican National Committees.
The Middle East and North Africa program provides a platform for dialogue between regional rivals in the Middle East and engages major stakeholders in an attempt to find common ground in tackling root causes behind the rise of ISIS.
Afghanistan Reconnected Process: a unique forum for private sector leaders, members of parliaments and experts from Afghanistan, its immediate neighbors and interested countries to promote regional economic cooperation.
On the forefront of international cybersecurity since 2009, mobilizing global policymakers and experts to address cyber crime, encryption and risks from connected devices.

EWI Going Forward

Deepening dialogue with policymakers and influencers on ISIS, terrorism, refugee streams, falling oil prices, and regional economic issues.
Engaging Central and South Asian nations in regional security, including projects involving Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.
Broadening the EWI Food-Water-Energy Nexus Program, concerning global and regional security of scarce resources.
Examining the future role of Lebanon, as well as governance issues and regional cooperation across the new Middle East.