The collapse of Islamic State control in Syria has been hailed in both Russia and the United States as a victory over terrorism. Both credit their country’s military involvement with victory. But the war that continues in Syria also lays bare Moscow and Washington’s conflicting definitions and approaches when it comes to terrorism, insurgency, and combat operations. Moreover, even if a path to stabilization in that country is found, America and Russia will continue to face terrorism and terrorists at home and abroad. The ways in which these two crucial countries respond as the threat evolves will shape both their own polities and the world as a whole.

Please join us on Friday, March 30 for an expert discussion of what we can expect from the end game in Syria and after; emerging trends in terrorism and violent extremism; and the evolution and implications of U.S. and Russian policies and roles.

This event is organized in partnership with Center for Strategic & International Studies.


Photo: "Bashar al-Assad propaganda" (CC BY 2.0) by watchsmart