The Reliability of Global Undersea Communications Cable Infrastructure (ROGUCCI) Global Summit is convening leading scientists and engineers, the financial sector and other stakeholders to better understand the world's dependence on the connectivity between the continents. EWI Distinguished Fellow Karl Rauscher and Cybersecurity director Vartan Sarkissian are serving on the summit committee. EWI Chairman Francis Finlay and John Edwin Mroz will speak.

Nearly all international electronic communications traverse the sub-sea fiber optic web that crisscrosses the globe. The world has become highly reliant on this connectivity for daily operations of governments, businesses and individuals. "While technologists have made heroic advances in improving the performance of these systems, the relative pace of international cooperation has lagged in key areas," said Karl Rauscher, General Session Chair and EWI Distinguished Fellow.

The Summit, sponsored by the IEEE, the world's largest technical professional association, will include discussion of the international agreements needed to improve the stability of the submarine fabric that underpins cyberspace.

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