Experts examined ways NGOs can influence energy security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, including stable supply and demand and protection of energy infrastructure.

Recognizing the rising importance of energy security in the Asia-Pacific region, the EastWest Institute (EWI) and the Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA), in conjunction with the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, held an Experts Meeting for the “Joint Project on Energy Security in Asia” at the Center for Global Partnership (CGP) in New York City. A diverse group of experts gathered to examine key energy security issues in the Asia-Pacific region and discuss ways in which NGOs can make a difference. “Security” was addressed both in terms of the stability of supply and demand in the global energy market and as protection of production and transport infrastructure. The meeting addressed competition among major powers in the Asia-Pacific region for scarce hydrocarbon resource and key challenges to the security of energy supplies in this region. The underlying goal was to define discussion topics for upcoming EWI-ERINA joint roundtables on energy security in the Asia-Pacific region.