The onset of COVID-19 has exposed grave vulnerabilities in the international political and economic order, which is unable to adequately meet the multidimensional challenges resulting from this severe public health crisis and intensifying geopolitical competition between global leaders. South Asia—a geostrategically significant region with visible growth in recent years—stands economically beleaguered by the pandemic. South Asia’s close neighbor, China, has built an expanded footprint in the region vis-à-vis its investment and military interests and as a consequence, many member economies are now heavily reliant on the Asian dragon.

In this COVID-19 age, against the backdrop of the evolving interplay of trade, business and geopolitics, it is imperative to explore the impacts of changing global narratives around China, the intensifying U.S.- China equation and the shifting world order on the future trajectory of South Asia and China’s presence in the region.

Join the EastWest Institute for a webinar discussion on “The Geopolitics and Geoeconomics of COVID-19: Discerning the South Asia-China Nexus” on Thursday, June 18 at 9:30-10:30 am (EDT).


Dr. Parag Khanna
Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap

Dr. William J. Parker III
CEO and President, EastWest Institute