As the United States adjusts to a changing global balance of power, nuclear policy issues have returned to a level of importance not seen since the end of the Cold War. America’s Nuclear Crossroads: A Forward-Looking Anthology, a new edited book from the Cato Institute, examines nine pressing policy challenges confronting U.S. policymakers in the areas of nuclear deterrence and arms control.              

For the United States, nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea and Iran are perceived as a serious threat. The fear of nuclear blackmail from these states—who make nuclear threats to coerce the U.S. and other countries—is especially acute. But is such a fear overhyped?

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Matthew Fuhrmann (Texas A&M University) and Dr. Todd Sechser (University of Virginia), contributors to America’s Nuclear Crossroads, as they examine this question and explore the historical realities and present day prospects of nuclear blackmail.  

Jonathan Berkshire Miller, senior fellow with the EastWest Institute's (EWI) Asia-Pacific program, will moderate the panel discussion. Dr. William J. Parker III, EWI CEO and President, will deliver opening remarks.

The discussion will be followed by a brief reception with the panelists and Caroline Dorminey and Eric Gomez, co-editors of America’s Nuclear Crossroads.