The EastWest Institute has the pleasure of inviting you to a roundtable discussion to mark the launch of Purchasing Secure ICT Products and Services: A Buyers Guide—a unique, breakthrough resource that examines the relationship between Information and Communications Technology (ICT) buyers and suppliers, enabling organizations to manage the risks they face from cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the commercial products and services they use.

Discussion will focus on the symbiotic relationship between buyers of secure ICT products and services and ICT suppliers who want to become trusted sources of technology for their customers; how governments can objectively evaluate the security of technologies irrespective of where they are developed or built; and the need for more robust international standards.

Distinguished Panel
The ICT Buyers Guide was created by EWI's Breakthrough Group on Increasing the Global Availability and Use of Secure ICT Products and Services. Breakthrough group leaders representing Microsoft, Huawei Technologies and The Open Group will be featured panel speakers:

  • Bruce McConnell, EWI Global Vice President & Head of the Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative (Moderator)
  • Angela McKay, Director, Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, Microsoft
  • Andy Purdy, Jr., Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies USA
  • Sally Long, Director, The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum