EWI and the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), the think tank of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, held the second meeting of their Trialogue21 initiative in Beijing.  Trialogue21 is a multi-year initiative that was launched in 2006 by the two institutes to bring together top emerging leaders from the United States, Europe, and China to clarify perceptions, build trust, and identify areas of cooperation on global issues. 

In Beijing, nearly 40 private and public sector leaders from the three regions engaged in off-the-record discussions that explored a new framework for cooperation in promoting energy security, addressing the challenges of globalization, confronting security issues in the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa, and managing China's development, and its relations with the United States and European Union. 

The next Trialogue21 meeting will be held in Washington, DC in December 2008. This meeting will seek further policy recommendations for the international community against the backdrop of an incoming new administration in the United States.