On August 12, 2009 EWI hosted a workshop, The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: New Technology, New Prospects?, in Washington, D.C. The workshop brought together leading American policymakers and experts to stimulate debate about CTBT ratification in light of technological developments of the last decade.

The U.S. Senate voted against the CTBT ten years ago. The Obama administration has signaled its intent to revisit that decision, arguing that the Senate’s two primary concerns -- the safety and reliability of American arsenals and the strength of the CTBTO’s verification systems -- have clearer answers now than they did in 1999. EWI’s workshop examined these technological advances and their impact on the CTBT debate in the U.S.

The workshop addressed:

  • the safety and reliability of the United States’ nuclear arsenal
  • measures to strengthen the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization to ensure verification
  • prospects for U.S. ratification of the treaty against this backdrop. 

EWI will publish a short paper after the workshop that includes the major points of discussion and summarizes its conclusions.

Please contact us for more information about this event.