2016 Nextgen Essay Contest Winners Announced

News | September 14, 2016

The EastWest Institute (EWI) is excited to announce the winners of this year’s Nextgen Essay Contest, which generated entries from around the world.

Participants submitted their essays to examine and recommend viable ideas to address challenging issues facing the world nowadays. Based on scoring by the three esteemed judges, these three essays were proven to be well-structured and scored high in all of the four criteria—meticulously supported, original and creative, viable, and popular among our Facebook fans.

Congratulations to:

First Place:
“A ‘New Cold War?’ Hardly”
Christopher Estep
Kansas, USA

Second Place:
"Win cyberwar by playing it safe"
Nicolas Zahn
Zurich, Switzerland

Third Place:
"Wars? It´s about resources – stupid!"
Audrey Simango
Mutare, Zimbabwe

The EastWest Institute would also like to congratulate the seven other finalists: 

Nwankwo Guzorochi

Liaofan Mohanty

James Brumbaugh

Usamah Adenowo

Leo Asuquo

Lorenzo Lombos

Adeniruju Treasure

EWI will post the three winning essays over the course of this week. EWI will also publish the seven finalists essays on the Nextgen website in the coming weeks. Be sure to contribute to the Nextgen blog and see you at the 2017 Nextgen Essay Contest!