Afghanistan Reconnected: Advocacy and Outreach Mission to India

Event Report | June 30, 2015

India strongly committed to Afghanistan’s stability and to regional development.

A delegation of eminent experts was brought to New Delhi by The EastWest Institute from June 14-16 2015, receiving high level official and private sector attention. The purpose of this Advocacy and Outreach mission was to advocate for actionable policy recommendations towards improving development and stability in the region by unlocking the potential for economic cooperation. The main results of this mission were:

  • A strong commitment of both the Indian government and the business community to the future of Afghanistan and to enhanced regional connectivity.

  • A recognition of progress made: Since the start of EWI’s Afghanistan Reconnected Process, a number of concrete steps have been taken by governments in the region to facilitate cross-border interaction.

EWI's Afghanistan Reconnected Process has since 2012 brought together parliamentarians, former Ministers and CEOs from various countries to elaborate and advocate concrete recommendations for post-2014 Afghanistan and for regional development in Central and South Asia. After the advocacy missions to Pakistan in March 2015 and to India in June 2015, next steps will be missions to Kabul, Afghanistan, and Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in November 2015. The process is meant to conclude in a major conference in the region in early 2016.

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