After Mosul

Media Coverage | July 26, 2017

In an article for RealClearDefense, EWI President and CEO Cameron Munter writes that the international community—triumphant following the defeat of Islamic State (IS) forces in Mosul—should not forget the city's pressing humanitarian catastrophe. During the course of a three year siege, IS struck a heavyhanded blow to the socio-historical fabric underlying Mosul—numerous cultural markers have been systematicaly destroyed, neighborhoods have been left in shambles, and nearly a million people have been left displaced.

Now that IS has been pushed back, Munter contends that it is necessary for Mosul to be rebuilt in order to prevent further anarchy and human tragedy. Although it will not be an simple task to coordinate multilateral efforts to ease the suffering of the city's citizens, such efforts could provide a positive example of how the international community can work together in the aftermath of destructive terrorism. Eradicating the remants of IS is, of course, still critical, but not addressing Mosul's problems could bring only greater instability to an already afflicted region. 

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