Bruce McConnell Talks Critical Infrastructure, International Security

Media Coverage | July 13, 2016

In an interview with The Federal Times, EWI Global VP Bruce McConnell highlights the importance of the relationship between critical infrastructure and international politics.

“I think [the government] needs to pay more attention to the international dimensions of the problem,” he said. “I work with governments around the world to secure systems and technologies, including critical infrastructure. The U.S., while it's very vulnerable because it's the most advanced from a technical standpoint, it's also the most advanced from the security standpoint so there's a lot of lot of good practices here that could be shared.”

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Bruce McConnell, one of the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity, leads the EastWest Institute’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative, working with governments and the private sector to make cyberspace safer and more secure. He also heads EWI’s San Francisco office, responsible for building and maintaining relationships in the American West and in the Asia-Pacific region.