Cameron Munter Discusses Women's Role in Pakistan

Commentary | May 02, 2017

Munter chatted at length with Pakistani journalist and human rights activists, Beena Sarwar, at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center about women's role in peace and security in Pakistan.

The former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan said there are Pakistani institutions "that keep women from reaching their full potential" including "a calcified political system, a juridical system that is underfunded and not efficient, and an education system that is woefully underfunded." 

Despite the misgivings, Munter quickly added that there are "long term trends in Pakistan which can favor some progress in this world."

Munter added that "the overarching passion about education in Pakistan extends to all classes, and extends to boys and girls. The professions in the country [lawyers, doctors, engineers] may overtime become feminized so the public sphere in Pakistan can change not suddenly, but incrementally by a gradual familiarization of people in a public role where women are accepted."

Listen below:


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Image credit: BennCraig/BelferCenter