Christian Science Monitor Quotes Kawa Hassan on Kurdish Independence

News | November 03, 2015

Kawa Hassan, Director of EWI's Middle East and North Africa (MENA) program, spoke with The Christian Science Monitor about where the Kurds stand in their push for independence. 

Hassan was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor's November 3 article, "Are Kurds closer to realizing their dream of an independent state?"

As quoted in this article: “Regionally, the biggest challenges facing the Kurds is first internal division and fragmentation,” says Kawa Hassan, director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at the EastWest Institute in Brussels. “If the Kurdish house is not in order they cannot achieve independence.”

“Second is the opposition from neighboring countries and the United States against Kurdish independence. Third is the lack of economic infrastructure that could be the basis of economic independence.”

“Of course things change very quickly in the Middle East,” adds Mr. Hassan. “Syria is crumbling. Iraq is crumbling.... The most feasible scenario is federations or Kurdish confederations.”


To read the full article at The Christian Science Monitor, click here.