Educate Students to Prevent Next Financial Crisis

Media Coverage | January 12, 2016

In a recent interview with Times Higher Education, former EWI board member Louise Richardson called on the faculty of the University of Oxford to educate its students to think critically and act ethically in order to deal with threats facing the world. 

In her interview, Richardson argues Oxford needs to educate students who “force us to confront the costs we are imposing on the next generation by our wasteful use of the earth’s resources; who will articulate our obligation to the vulnerable, the poor, the victims of war, oppression and disease, wherever they live.”

In addition, she criticizes the “ever increasing cost of compliance with ever more bureaucratic, ever more intrusive, and ever less useful regulation, much of it, paradoxically enough, designed to ensure value for money. Instead it diverts resources – both financial and intellectual – from the central tasks of research and teaching.”

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