EWI’s Jacqueline McLaren Miller on Jackson-Vanik and Human Rights

News | March 19, 2012

Jacqueline McLaren Miller, senior associate for EWI's Strategic Trust-Building Initiative, discusses the Jackson-Vanick amendment and the U.S.-Russia relationship in the latest issue of CQ Weekly.

The Jackson-Vanick amendment, which restricts trade with Russia as a response to immigration policy, was enacted by the United States in 1974. In light of Russia's impending admission to the World Trade Organization, many consider Jackson-Vanick to be an outdated impediment to U.S. economic growth. Others claim that its trade restrictions are necessary as a means of punishing Russia for human rights violations.

Miller holds that, while the effectiveness of Jackson-Vanick has long been disputed, "the administration is going to have to give something to the human rights folks." 

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