EWI, CARPO Track 2 Work in Huffington Post

Media Coverage | December 08, 2017

The East West Institute is mentioned in a Huffington Post article regarding its Track 2 work with Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO). In the article, CARPO's head Adnan Tabatabi shares the joint effort by the two organizations to bring together a group of influential figures from rivaling neighbors Arab Saudi and Iran on a regular basis. The meetings are confidential.

The collaboration between EWI and CARPO has so far produced four policy reports: Iranian and Saudi Perspectives on ISILIranian and Saudi Perspectives on the Refugee CrisisIranian and Saudi Perspectives on the Post-Oil Economy, and Iranian and Saudi Perspectives on the Risks of Climate Change and Ecological Deterioration.

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Photo: "Wadi Rum" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by twiga_swala