EWI Hosts Discussion on East Asian Geopolitics

News | May 06, 2019

On May 2, 2019, EWI hosted Yasushi Kudo, founder and president of the Genron NPO, for a wide-ranging discussion on the current geopolitical dynamics around Japan, including the U.S.-China trade frictions and the rapidly deteriorating Japan-South Korea relationship, which present significant challenges for Japan to promote peace and stability in Northeast Asia.

The exchange of views delved into the importance of the U.S.-Japan alliance and maintaining dialogue between Japan and South Korea as well as Japan and China to reduce miscalculation and prevent escalation of confrontations in the region. Current funding trends of these dialogue processes were also discussed. 

EWI's Zoe Leung, senior associate with the Asia-Pacific program; David Janes, fellow with the Asia-Pacific program; and Noel Gonzalez, assistant to the CEO and executive vice president, discussed the challenges and opportunities in fostering partnerships between countries in the Asia-Pacific region through constructive Track 1.5 and 2 dialogue processes.